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We are trying to start a wiki on the game MouseTown. Please help by writing articles on elements of the game and strategies on how to succeed in the game.

Welcome to the Mousetown WikiEdit

Information and strategies pertaining to the game Mouse Town, available as an app for iPads and iPhones.

Describe your topicEdit

Write a description about your topic. Let your readers know what your topic is about and add some general information about it.

Latest activityEdit

  • new page Playing without spending money
    created by Colorknit
    New page: The Mousetown app is free. The game is free to play - mostly. But the game can be advanced with the purchase of gems and/or coins using real life...
  • edit Battles
    edited by Colorknit diff
    Edited the section: Difficulty levels
  • new page Factory
    created by Colorknit
    New page: REDIRECT factories
  • new page Smelter
    created by Colorknit
    New page: The smelter is a factory that converts stones into iron bars. During the game, only one smelter can be built, after which it is no longer available...
  • edit Battles
    edited by Colorknit diff
  • new page Experience points
    created by Colorknit
    New page: Experience points, marked by stars, are points that are earned in progression to higher levels. Upon reaching a new level, a certain number of...
  • new page Houses
    created by Colorknit
    New page: Houses are structures that are built for mice to live in. There are many types of houses, each with a different appearance, and each providing a...
  • new page Quests
    created by Colorknit
    New page: Quests are achievements that when completed result in various rewards being earned. A list of the quests that must be fulfilled at any given time can...
  • new page Exploration
    created by Colorknit
    New page: Exploration is the process of preparing land for future development. After advancing a level, more pieces of land (regions) become available for...
  • edit Healers
    edited by Colorknit diff

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